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Dr. Jeries Khoury

Former Director & Founder

Dr. Jeries Khoury was born in Fassouta in 1952. He attended the high school of St, Joseph Seminary in Nazareth before going to study in Rome, where he earned two BAs in Philosophy and Theology from St. Thomas Aquinas University in Rome. Subsequently he went to earn an MA in Theology and two PhDs in Islamic Philosophy and Comparative Religious Studies. He was the director of Al-Liqa Center for Religious, Heritage & Cultural Studies in The Holy Land from 1988 until he passed away in 2016.

 Board of Trustees

Members of the Advisory and Developmental Committee

Patriarch Michael Sabbah

Dr Yousef Zaknoun

Director of Al- Liqa Center- Ph.D Philosophy

Dr. Munib Younan, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and The Holy Land

Ms. Bernadette A. Mourra

Academic Program Coordinator- MS Bioethics

Dr. Yousef Zaknoun

Ph.D. Philosophy and Psychology – Director

Bishop Munib Younan

Palestinian Bishop Emeritus of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land- Ph.D Theology

Dr. Thiab Ayyoush

Ph.D. Sociology

Bishop William Shomali

Auxiliary bishop for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem- Ph.D Theology

Bishop Dr. Atallah Hanna

Ph.D. Theology

Ms. Hanadi Younan

Dean of Arts- M.A English Language and Literature

Fr. Dr. Rafiq Khoury

Ph.D. Theology

Mr. Joseph Hazboun

Regional Director at CNEWA- Pontifical Mission

Mr. Mousa Darwish

M.A. Education

Mr. George Basous

General Manager- City of Culture and Civilizations

Dr. Adnan Musallam

Ph.D. History

Ms. Mariam Awad

Dean of The Faculty of nursing and Health Sciences

Dr. Peter Qumri

M.D. Surgery

Dr. Raed Abed- Almasih

Ph.D Philosophy and Theology

Mr. Lawrance Sammour

B.A. English Language and Literature

Dr. Omar Abed- Rabbo

Ph.D in History

Mrs. Hanadi Younan Sudah

M.A. English Language and Literature