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Mgr. Jamal Khader Is Appointed As Pastor And Head Of The Dioceses Of Djibouti And Somalia

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Dear brothers and sisters,

May the Lord give you peace!

On this day, His Holiness Pope Francis has appointed our dear brother, His Excellency Bishop Jamal Khader, currently Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan, as pastor and head of the dioceses of Djibouti and Somalia, where the difficult social and political situation requires a man of talent and experience. In asking His Excellency to begin this new ministry, the Holy See has shown a sign of trust and appreciation for his person and for his apostolic spirit and administrative ability.

E. Bishop Jamal has served in various places in our Patriarchal Diocese in Jordan and Palestine and in various administrative, pastoral and academic positions, most recently as an assistant Bishop and Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan since 2021. He has served in the Latin Patriarchate in Jordan by relying on God’s grace, in unity with our Patriarchal See and has shown an authentic ecclesial spirit and fraternal openness to all components of our beloved Jordanian people. He has sown good seed, which shall bear good fruit and blessings. He has deserved the appreciation and respect of the Latin Patriarchate and of all the churches and society in general and he shall always remain a son of the Latin Patriarchate.

The Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem is proud to participate in the mission of the Universal Church; in the past, it has provided Bishops to serve other dioceses and today it offers a Bishop to the dioceses of Djibouti and Somalia. Our Patriarchate will remain open to this apostolic service to the Universal Church. The mission started from Jerusalem, and from here we will also continue to serve faith, hope and love wherever we are needed.

We appreciate the spirit of constructive obedience shown by Bishop Jamal, as a true son of the Church, in answering the request of His Holiness, Pope Francis. We are united in prayer for His Excellency so that he may shepherd the church entrusted to him with all authority and wisdom, for the glory of God the Most High and the good of souls.

Given in our Patriarchate on January 13, 2024.

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