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Youth Programs at Al-Liqa’ Center 1993- Present

by mPeNDayu

Based on the long experience acquired by the officials of Al-Liqa’ Center in the two conferences of Heritage and Theology, they decided to establish the youth section at the Center due to the important role of the youth in planting the seeds of love, understanding, renouncing sectarianism and discrimination, working toward mutual respect and building a democratic and pluralistic society. Accordingly, the first youth conference was held on 23-25 July 1993 in Talitha Qumi School in Beit Jala. The second conference took place Sept 24 – Oct. 1995 where about 40 Muslims and Christians participated in it. It was held in Cyprus for a period of one week. This conference strengthened and firmly established the faith of Al-Liqa’s officials in the necessity of working with the youth. This is what was actually done in the past years. Youth met together several times and discussed many questions of interest for them and for the homeland and the future of our people. The Heritage Conference and the Theology Conference also contributed throughout the past years in bringing together the children of the one people from the Galilee to Gaza. This helped to build ties of intimate relations and a greater knowledge of the concerns of the children of our people. Also the Youth Section and the Youth Conference followed the same road. The gathering of youth from the Galilee to Gaza was a success and embodiment of the goals of Al-Liqa’ among which is the continuity of communication among all. The interest of Al-Liqa’ Center in the youth was prominent by holding lectures, seminars and contests for students of preparatory and secondary schools in several regions either during the month of blessed Ramadan or the Lent period or in other religious occasions. The goal was to increase the religious and national awareness of the youth and to encourage them in constructive dialogue and mutual respect.


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