Enabling all peoples to communicate with each other

To pave the way for justice and peace and to work for the rights of the oppressed, the poor and the marginalized in society.

Wednesday Forum, 1994 - Present

Wednesday Evening Forums


The Wednesday Forum
AL-Liqa’ Center began to organize Wednesday Forum towards the end of 1994. The main aim for holding these forums was to embody the ideas and philosophy of the Center by transforming them into a perceptible reality whereby we can reach our people. Such forums also aimed to create strong ties with individuals in Palestinian street. The Wednesday forums which are held monthly throughout the year are attended by Palestinians who represent all segments of society including academicians, businessmen, university professors, politicians and representatives of national institutions in the country. Each forum focuses on a topic which suits current developments and events. After a specialized committee prepares the topic of the discussion in the Wednesday Forum, an expert or a specialized person is invited to present the topic for half an hour. Then the conferees discuss together the topic. They might reach certain recommendations which they send to the people concerned or those having the authority to decide and change in the topic under discussion. The Wednesday forums received much support and approval from Palestinian society. Palestinian mass media cover these forums.