Al-Liqa’ Center

Wednesday Evening Forum
20 May 2009

Palestinian community leaders and academicians, men, women, young people, Christians and Muslims attended this event that is the showing of film documentary, “Memory of the Cactus”. This won the first prize in Dubai International Film Festival, January 2009. Director of the film, Mr. Hanna Musleh, who was introduced by Dr. Adnan Musallam of al-Liqa Center.Dr. Musallam commented on the film which revolves around the total destruction of three Palestinian villages neat the Latroun Monastery in the 1967 war.The villages were Emaus,Yalo and Beit Nuba and were populated by more than 5,500—Palestinians. Mr. Musleh spoke about the various Palestine documentary films he directed. In addition, he answered the many questions there were posed by the audience.