Enabling all peoples to communicate with each other

To pave the way for justice and peace and to work for the rights of the oppressed, the poor and the marginalized in society.


Study Days

We believe that "Study Days" are a good occasion for scholars, religious leader, youth, educators, and students, to meet and discuss together in a democratic atmosphere some of the current and important cultural and religious issues, such as dialogue,  the peace process, democracy, identity, contextual theology, and cultural and social problems.

The idea is to have one specific subject for each study day and to ask two or three people to write their reflections on it. We will then distribute the reflections to the participants one week before, in order to for them to be well prepared. Their contribution will enrich the discussed subject. These study days will create friendship between the participants and develop better relations and understanding.

The study days are inseparable part of al-Liqa programs and activities in which subjects of great importance and interest are discussed. These study days are aiming to fulfill al-Liqa goals and aims, especially the living together in peace and dignity. The study days are organized for youth groups, women groups, academicians, Muslim and Christian clergy, theologians, pilgrim groups, social workers, etc…