Enabling all peoples to communicate with each other

To pave the way for justice and peace and to work for the rights of the oppressed, the poor and the marginalized in society.

AL-Liqa’ Branch in Israel

The number of Israeli citizens is 6,500,000. This number includes around five millions Jews; 1,200,000 Muslims; 90,000 Druze and about 120,000 Arab Christians. Many cities and villages are mixed such as Haifa, Jaffa, Shafa ‘Amr and Nazareth in which people of different religions are living together. In many other villages and cities, Christians and Muslims are working, studying and living together.

Many of the people who live in Galilee know about our work and many are continuously asking us in Al-Liqa’ to have a branch of Al-Liqa’ Center in one of the cities in Galilee, in order to increase the awareness of youth and adults about the importance of religious and cultural dialogue and a life together.

In 2005 we began holding activities in the Galilee. These activities were enthusiastically received. We plan to continue our programs there and the build on the success of 2005.

Galilee urgently needs our work in order to diminish religious, cultural and political extremism. We believe that it is the right place to introduce our work. For these reasons, we need your help in founding a branch of AL-Liqa’ Center in one of the cities in Galilee.

This will be a good step towards helping both Arabs and Jews to strengthen their relations, to respect each other and to live in peace and freedom. We will focus especially on youth, schools and university students since all are studying and living together: Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians.