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Volume 39

Dec., 2012

Al-Liqa’ Center

The Arab Revolution: Where To? (Editorial)

p. 3-8

Khoury, Geries S.

It is Inevitable the Felters Will Be Broken

p. 9-16

Ayyoush, Thiab

Arab Revolutions: Causes and Motives a Sociological Analysis

p. 17-57

Khoury, Rafiq

The Effects of Arab Revolutions on Islamic-Christian Relations

p. 58-73

Yazbek, Mahmoud

Arab Revolutions And Social Transformations

p. 74-83

Kamal, Zahira

Will The Arab Revolutions Lead To Achieving Democracy And Social Justice?

p. 84-92

Du Brul, Peter

Engaging with the HOLY QUR’AN

p. 93-128

Musallam, Adnan

The Emergence of the Arabic Language Press, 1514 – 1914, with a Case Study of Printing and Press Developments in Egypt and Ottoman Syria / Lebanon

p. 129-153