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Volume 35

Dec., 2010

Qupti, Atallah Said

The Crusades and their Influence on Christian-Muslim Relations

p. 4-27

Khoury, Rafiq

The Role of Arab Christians in the Arab National Movement

p. 28-67

Klaussmann, Jeorgen

Islamophobia in Europe – Fact or Fiction?

p. 68-79

Ismal, Rifki

Classic Arab Economic Contracts and their Applications in the Modern Finance

p. 80-102

Musallam, Adnan

The Pan-Arab Peace Initiative, March 2002 – Present: A Viable Alternative to Direct and Indirect Negotiations and to the Asymmetrical Relations between Israelis and Palestinians

p. 103-119

The Synod of Bishops

Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops, 10-24 October 2010

p. 120-136

Al-Liqa’ Center

Al-Liqa’ Center’s 22nd Session of the Christian-Muslim Dialogue Conference, 16-18 December 2010

p. 137-140