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Volume 3

May, 1994

Al-Liqa’ Center


p.  7

Griffith, Sidney H.

Christian Theology in an Arabic Context: Monastic Writers of Palestine in the Early Islamic Period

p.  9 – 33

Al- Mallah, Yasir

The Relationship of Religion to the State in Islam

p.  35 – 70

Lester Wikstrom

The Return of the Jews and the Return of Jesus: Christian Zionism in the 1970z and 1980s

p.  71 – 81

Al-Liqa’ Center

Slaughtered while Performing Prayers

p.  83 – 84

Kirreh, Sammy

A Letter to the Editors

p.  85 – 87

Al-Liqa’ Center

Report on the 16th Conference on  Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land

p.  89 – 93

Al-Liqa’ Center

Report on the 11th. Conference on Christian-Muslim Dialogue

p.  95 – 97

Younan, Munib

The Arabic Translation of the Augsburg Confession. (with an elaborative Introduction).

p.  99 – 102