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Volume 25

Dec., 2005

Al-Liqa’ Center

Editorial: Patriarch Michael Sabbah: the Golden Heritage

p. 7-11

Younan, Munib

The Ecumenical Dimension of Patriarch Michael Sabbah

p. 12-20

Khoury, Geries S.

Patriarch Sabbah and Local Theology

p. 21-31

Khoury, Rafiq

Man in the First Pastoral Message of Patriarch Michael Sabbah

p. 32-41

Sabella, Bernard

In the Splendor of Peace: Patriarch Michael Sabbah and the Palestinian Cause

p. 42-48

Darwish, Mousa

Patriarch Sabbah and Christian – Muslim Dialogue

p. 49-53


Excerpts from the Pastoral Letters of His Beatitude Msgr. Michael Sabbah… 2005

p. 54-68

Musallam, Adnan

Arab Press, Society and Politics at the End of Ottoman Era in Palestine: A Preliminary Investigation

p. 69-83

Shomali, Qustandi

Tradition and Innovation in Palestinian Literature, 1900- 1948

p. 84-103

Hantilian, George

An attempt to Reconstruct the Pre-1948 Arab Commercial Center of Jerusalem

p. 104-116

Zoughbi, Saleem

Ethics versus Politics in the case of Palestine: The Ethics of Withdrawal

p. 117-123

Musallam, Adnan

Pastoral Letters of His Beatitude Msgr. Michael Sabbah on the Occasion of the Golden Jubilee of His Ordination to the Priesthood. Jerusalem/Beit Jala, Latin Patriarchate Press. 2005.

p. 124-129