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Volume 2

Dec., 1992

Al-Liqa’ Center


p. 7

Sabbah, Michel

The Position of the Church in Regard to Emigration in our Palestinian Society

p. 9 – 15

Musallam, Adnan

The Formative Stage of Palestinian Emigration to the Americas… Until the Eve of 1948 Catastrophe

p. 17– 41

Hassassian, Mannuel

The Economic And Political Motives For Palestinian Arab Emigration Since the Year of Catastrophe 1948

p. 43– 69

Khoury, Hatim

The Emigration of Christian Arabs From Haifa

p. 71–122

Sabella, Bernard

Christian Emigration: A Comparison of the Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem Areas

p. 123– 143

Raheb, Mitri

The Special Nature of the Christian Emigration From Palestine – Reasons and Causes

p. 145– 158

Abbad, ‘Abdel Rahman

A Muslim View of Christian Arab Emigration from the Holy Land

p. 159– 161

Al-Liqa’ Center

World Conference on Religion And Peace/Japan

p. 163– 166

Griffith, Sidney H.

Kenneth Cragg, The Arab Christian, A History in The Middle East

p. 167– 174