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Volumes 18/19

Dec., 2002

Al-Liqa’ Center

Approaches to Poverty and Means of Confronting it

p. 1-7

Sabella, Bernard

Church Vision of Poverty in Palestine

p. 8-70

Ayyoush, Thiab

Problem of Poverty from an Islamic View

p. 71-124

Khoury, Rafiq

A Christian Approach to Combat Poverty

p. 125-148

Khoury, Geries

Opinion: Observation & a Future Vision of the Role of the church in Specifying Palestinian Identity

p. 149-160

Aiya Napa, Cyprus

Urban-Rural Mission (URM): Workshop on “Spiritual Principles Guiding work with the Marginalized: The Return to the Roots”

p. 161-164

Tushyeh, Hanna Y.

A Musallam, Folded Pages from Local Palestinian History in the 20th Century

p. 165-168