Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

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Volume 1

May, 1992

Al-Liqa’ Center


p. 7 – 8

Musallam, Adnan

The Growth of Al-Liqa’ Center, 1983-1992

p. 9 – 16

Piccirillo, Michele

Monks and Monasteries in Jordan from the Byzantine to the Abbasis Period

p. 17 – 30

Ayyoush, Thiab

Human Rights in Islam

p. 31 – 40

‘Abbad, ‘Abd Al-Rahman

Peace in Islam

p. 41 – 49

Younan, Munib A.

Palestinian Local Theology

p. 51 – 63

Meier, Andreas

Conference on Palestinian Theology: Towards a Theology of Liberation in the Palestinian-Israeli Context

p. 65 – 77

Williamson, Roger

The Holy Land in the Monotheistic Faiths: The Sigtuna Conference and Beyond

p. 79 – 83

Zoughbi, Saleem

The Aftermath of the Gulf War

p. 85 – 92

Al-Liqa’ Center

Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land

p. 93 – 107

Al-Liqa’ Center (Reviewed by Hanna Tushyah)

The Emigration Problem

p.109– 113