Al-liqa' News

Al-Liqa Center's Study Day at Mar Elias College's

School of Theology - Ibillin

14 May 2005

9:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m.


"The Christian in Galilee between the crisis of identity and belonging"




9:30-10:00  Arrivals and registration

10:-10:15      Welcoming notes by Dr. Geries S. Khoury, Director of Al-Liqa' Center

10:15-12:00  First session 

            Panel: "The Christian Arab Identity in Galilee"

                        Moderator:      Attorney Badira Khourieh

                        Speakers:        Bishop Dr. Boulus Marcuzzo

                                                  Dr. Hatem Khoury

                        Comments by: Fr. Dr. Elias chacour

                                                   Dr. Johny Mansour

11:30-12:00  Lecture: "Identity of a Christian through his Relations with others".

                        Speaker:         Ms. Ola Qadado

12:00-12:30 Coffee break

12:30-15:00   Second session 

Moderator:     Attorney Mary Farah

Discussions of the presented papers by participants 

14:30-15:00  Summary and recommendations

15:00-16:00    Lunch


           Al-liqa' Wednesday Evening Forum


Title of the panel discussion:


"Democratic experience in municipal elections

 in Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahur"


Date: 16 June 2005

Time: 17:00-19:00

Place: Al-Liqa Center Conference room

N.B.  This educational and cultural event will be telecast on local television so it can be seen by the greatest numbers possible in the Bethlehem Governorate 

The Christian Arab and Muslim Traditions in the Holy Land Conference

18th Session

19-21 August 2005

Conference title:

"From dialog of texts to dialog of souls"

Date:    19-21 August. 2005-06-09

Place:   Bethlehem Hotel

Topics: 1. "Supremacy of law" as a foundation of national unity

              2. Mixed marriages

              3. Globalization between theory and practice

              4. The system of "quota" in Palestinian elections

              5. The national need for real participation from all citizens


-         It was decided to hold prolonged discussions following the first three panels, and to hold group discussions after the next two panels. The aim is to stress positive participation by conferees.

-         It was also decided to solicit personal witnessing / experiences, and stories.

-         The detailed program will be published in July 2005.





Al-Liqa's Celebration of Patriarch

Sabbah's Golden Jubilee

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of H.B. Patriarch Michael Sabbah, Chairperson of Al-Liqa's Board of Trustees, the center will hold celebrations to commemorate this occasion in which the Patriarch's theology and philosophy will be examined and discussed 


The program:


Man in Sabbah's first Pastoral Letter 

Fr. Dr. Rafiq Khoury


Sabbah and Ecumenism in the Holy Land

Bishop Dr. Munib Younan


Sabbah and Christian-Muslim dialogue

Sheikh Taisir Tamimi

Mr. Mousa Darwish


Reading from the Bible

Mr. Lawrence Sammour


Sabbah and Local Theology

Dr. Geries S. Khoury


Sabbah and the Palestinian Problem

Dr. Bernard Sabella


-         Greeting from Sheikh Abd al-Majid 'Ata

-         Greetnig from Archamandrite Dr. Atallah Hanna

-         Honoring Patriarch Sabbah

Date:   1,July,2005
:  17:00-19:00
: Bethlehem Hotel

N.B. Following the panel, a reception will follow in which Al-Liqa' Center will present the Patriarch with Al-Liqa's golden medal.