Al-liqa' News

Al-Liqa’ Center For Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Al-Liqa’ Center denounces and condemns this fierce and destructive war going on in Gaza and Lebanon which claims the lives of hundreds of innocent old people, children and women. This war is devastating the infra-structure, all living and economic utilities in addition to the unjust siege from which our Palestinian and Lebanese people suffer.

          As Christians and Moslems in the Holy Land we believe that the teachings of all heavenly religions call for life and not for death, for justice and not for injustice, for peace and not for war. We confirm the right of every human to live in freedom and dignity.

          We call upon the international community and its humanitarian institutions to work towards establishing immediate cease-fire so as to pave the way for serious negotiations aiming at putting an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict in accordance with the international legitimacy and on the basis of justice without which peace will never prevail among the peoples of the area.

          We appeal to our people in Palestine and Lebanon to hold fast to our national unity and Islamic-Christian brotherhood which will stand firmly as a rock, on which all conspiracies against our people are shattered.