Al-liqa' Archives

10-12 November 2013 Conference on “Rehabilitation of the Jordan River: A Commitment of Faith”, Crown Plaza - Dead Sea – Jordan
7 November 2013 Fathi Fourani’s Arab Muslim and Christian Under One Tent, Presentation of Fourani’s Book - Haifa at Saint John the Baptist Church’s Hall
28 October 2013 Al-Liqa’ Center and Sabeel Center Study Day Shared Living Program “The Impact of What is Happening in the Arab Nation on Shared Living”   - An-Najah National University – Nablus
19-21 September 2013

The Arab Christian and Muslim Heritage Conference in the Holy Land Christian – Muslim Dialogue Conference; The 25th session "The Palestinian National Scheme and the Modern State" - Shepard Hotel Hall - Bethlehem

30 July 2013 A panel and a Joint Iftar dinner titled: “A Call to the Brothers Fighting Each Other in this Holy Month of Ramadan”  Bethlehem Hotel – Bethlehem
2-4 July 2013 Conference on “Citizenship… Christians and Muslims for the Sake of Human Dignity”, Meridian Hotel - Amman, Jordan
6 June 2013 Al-Liqa’s Board of Trustees Approves the program of the Conference on Arab Heritage for Christians and Muslims Dialogue Conference - Al-liqa Center Hall – Bethlehem
29 May 2013

On the occasion of the publication of Prof. Qustandi Shomali’s book, Al-Liqa’ Center in Cooperation with the Cultural Diwan in Beit Sahour present a Panel “Palestinian Folk Heritage” - On Wednesday 29 May 2013 at 6:00p.m In the Diwan’s Headquarters Beit Sahour Municipality – Dar Abu Sa’da

15 May 2013 Al-Liqa’ Center and Sabeel Center Study Day: Shared Living Program“Challenges and Future of Shared Living in Palestine” - at the Latin Parish in Birzeit
20 April 2013 Al-Liqa’ Center and Sabeel Center Study Day: Shared Living Program“Peaceful Resistance in Palestine” - Golden Park Hotel – Beit Sahour
19 April 2013 Christian and Muslim Palestinian youth in Italy, workshop on “Shared Living, Justice and peace” - Al-liqa Center Hall – Bethlehem
18 April 2013 A panel and general discusion revolving around: “The Future of Christian Muslim Relations in the Arab World” - Al-liqa Center Hall – Bethlehem
11 April 2013 The Society for Caring of the Orphans and the Needy - Jericho, Panel on  “Religious tolerance and a life together in Palestine” - The Society for Caring of the Orphans and the Needy’s Hall , Jericho
22 March 2013

Dr. Khoury attend a conference on environment in Beit Berl College, present a paper entitled: "The position of the Church of the Environment" - Beit Berl College - Israel

11-15 March 2013

The visit of Dr. Khoury to the Italian district of Val d’Aosta, present lectures on the Peace process and the role of Al-Liqa’ Center in inter-faith dialogue - Italy

2 March 2013

Lecture on: “Islamic Trend in Modern Christian Poetry: A Case Study of Khalil Mutran” By Researcher: Dr. Hassan Taher Abu Al-Rubb - Al-liqa Center Hall – Bethlehem

26 January 2013

Wednesday Evening Forum, "The Results of Israeli Elections and the Aftermath", by: Professor 'Aziz Haidar - Al-liqa Center Hall – Bethlehem