Al-liqa' Archives

15-17 Dec. 2011 Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land Conference (Palestinian Contextualized Theology Conference) 19th Session An Arab Christian Vision for a Different Arab and Palestinian Future Bethlehem Hotel
16 Dec. 2011 Al-Liqa’ Center’s Annual Celebration of Christmas, Bethlehem Hotel
4-9 Dec. 2011

The International conference of Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth, Bethlehem Hotel

1 Dec. 2011

Shared Living Program, Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center and Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land, “Shared Living in the Coming State”, Golden Park – Beit Sahour

27-28 Oct. 2011

The ICCJ – Kairos Palestine Conversation Talita Qumi – Beit Jala

21-22 October 2011

Initiative of the Holy Land Custody and the Terra Santa Journal, The Antonianum Auditorium in Rome

15-17 Sept. 2011

The Christian and Muslim Arabs’ Heritage Conference in the Holy Land 23rd Session Titled “The 2011 Arab Uprisings and their Impact: Locally, Regionally and Internationally”  Bethlehem Hotel – Bethlehem

11 August 2011

Joint Christian Muslim Ramadan Iftar and a Panel on Fasting in Islam and Christianity  Bethlehem Hotel, Bethlehem

28 July 2011

Condemnation Statement:
In response to the criminal and brutal attack in Norway

19 July 2011 Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Al-Liqa’ (Quarterly review), 1985-2010 Bethlehem Hotel – Bethlehem
25 May 2011

The Impact of Reconciliation on The Palestinian Problem, Lecture by Uthman Abu Gharbiyyeh and Muhammad Barakeh, Bethlehem Hotel, Bethlehem

14 April 2011

"Islam in Austria: Facts, Problems and Perspectives in the European Context", Lecture by Dr. Prof. Ingeborg Gabriel, University of Vienna at the Al-Liqa Centre

24 - 26 February 2011

Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land Conference , (Palestinian Contextualized Theology Conference) 18th Session. From an Identity of Faith to an Active Presence, St. Elias Monastery (Stella Mares) - Haifa

5 January 2011

Study day: A meeting to discuss crimes committed against the Christian Iraqis, Egyptians, and how to bury strife and work to embody the Christian-Muslim unity in Palestine, Al-liqa Center, Bethlehem