Al-Liqa Center Visitors



4 December 2013

President and Director of the Italian organizations “Voice of Peace” Visit Al-liqa Center


28 August 2013

An Italian Pax Christi group headed by Father Nandino Visit Al-liqa Center

22 August 2013

A group of pilgrims headed by Father Raimondo meet Al-liqa Center Director


12 August 2013

A group of Italian pilgrims from Verona Visit Al-liqa Center

8 August 2013

An Italian group headed by Dr. Paulo Farina Visit Al-liqa Center

6 June 2013

An Italian young people’s group representing “The Voices of Peace” Visits Al-liqa center

6 June 2013

A Group of Danish Theologians Visits Al-liqa center

12 April 2013

Pilgrims from the Church of Norway Visit


7 March 2013

Rev. Dr. ‘Atiq and Dr. Khoury meet the Governor of the Jerusalem Governorate in Sabeel Center


2 March 2013

Mr. Darwish meeting with an Italian Group in Bethlehem


27 February 2013

A Group of Italian pilgrims Visit

21 January 2013

Lecturers and Students of the Catholic Theological Union Visit

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