Al-Liqa Center Visitors


28 October 2011

The Swedish Center for Theological Studies and the Swedish Christian Center Directors' Visit


11 October 2011

Meeting with the Church leaders from England

6 October 2011

Meeting with An Italian youth group led by Fr. Nandino

25 August 2011

Meeting with an Italian group from different Italian cities


18 July 2011

Meeting with a group of pilgrims led by Dr. Paolo Farina from Italy


20 June 2011

Dr. Geries S. Khoury meeting with German theologians from Germany

10 June 2011

His Beatitude Michael Sabbah visit

10 June 2011

His Excellency Bishop Atallah Hanna visit

10 June 2011

Dr. Maria Haarmann, Director of Middle East program in MISEREOR-Germany visit

13 May 2011

Bishop Brian Castle Visit to Al-Liqa Center

11 April 2011

Verona Group - Italy Visit

1 April 2011

Danish Group Visit

20 February 2011

President of the Methodist Church in England Visit


10 November 2010

Mr. Felix Dan, a representative of the German Konrad Adenawer Visit

9 November 2010

Mr. Joris van Voorst tot Voorst National director Aid to the Church in Need Visit

5 November 2010

Mr. Magnus Steinberg Visit, Journalist from Sweden

29 October 2010

The British Bible Lands led by Mr. Richard Jones visit


15 October 2010

Dr. Sven Halvardson of Stockholm University visit

  28 September – 9 October 2010

Dr. Geries S. Khoury visit to some German Institutions

  25 August 2010

Several German friends visit

25 May 2010

Dr. Harald Suermann from Missio, Germany visit


27 March 2010

Jerusalem University College (JUC) Delegation


27 February 2010

Dr. Khoury Hosts an Italian Group


6 November 2009

A Danish Delegation visit

21 October 2009

Italian pilgrims from Verona guided by Mr. Luigi Sandri Visit

29 July - 22 August 2009

Meeting with Italian Groups
A delegation from the Catholic University in Colon (Köln), Germany Visit, 9 June 2009
The Middle East Desk at the Aid to the Church in Need Visit, 23 April 2009
Undergraduate and Graduate students of Jerusalem University College (JUC) Visit Saturday March 28, 2009

WCRP (Religions for Peace) delegation visit Saturday March 21, 2009

The Regional Representative of Bible Lands from England Feb. 25, 2009
An Italian youth group from the “Pax Christ” organization from Florence led by Fr. Nandino Visit, August 8, 2008
A group from Italy led by Fr. Mario Visit, August 7, 2008
  A group from Venice University in Italy led by Fr. Marco Scarpa Visit, July 31, 2008
American Council Of Young Political Leaders Visit, June 16, 2008