A Theological Danish group visit

8 October 2015

A Danish group led by Professor, Dr. Dr. Peter Lodberg, chairman of the program Theology for Laity, Aarhus University, Denmark visited al-Liqa Center on the 8th of October 2015 and were received by Dr. Geries S. Khoury who welcomed them and expressed his appreciation for their visit and interest in Al-Liqa programs and activities. Then he talked about the goals and mission of al-Liqa Center and also about the Arab Christians in Palestine and in all Arab countries and about the present challenges which are facing them.

Dr. Khoury told al-Liqa guests that the challenges which are facing the Church in the Arab world are the same challenges which the western communities will face it soon or later. The main challenge for all of us is religious extremism and this is not only Islamic one but we have also Christian and Jewish extremism, here and around the world.


Dr. Khoury also spoke about al-Liqa interreligious Christian Muslim dialogue since 1982 and about the process of the Palestinian Contextual theology.

At the end of his speech many questions were raised and he tried to answer them briefly.