An Italian pilgrimage group visit

14 November 2015

An Italian pilgrimage group organized by the “UFFICIO PELLEGRINAGGI – DIOCESI DI VICENZA” visited al-liqa Center and their request was to learn more about the Christian – Muslim relations in the Holy Land and also in the region and about their daily life under the Israeli occupation  from one side and the continious mannace of extremist religious groups from the other side.

Dr. Geries S. Khoury met them and spoke about Al-Liqa experience, programs and activities and about the daily difficult life under occupation.

He also spoke about exremism or the so called  “religious extremism”. He said that religions  are so much different and innocents of those who claim to be extremist  and killing in name of God. Such inhuman groups don’t know God and they don’t believe in the same God who created us on his immage. They belive in God who was created by them on their ugly immage.


The group visited al-Liqa a day after the terrible and barbaric terriristic attack and massacre in Paris. Of course, Dr. Khoury and all participants condemned such horrible action and paryed for the souls of the many innocent victims both in Paris and in Beirut.

Dr. Khoury said it’s not enough to pray, but we need an international coalition to fight poverty,  oppresion, socila injustices, to pay atttention to the school curiculums and to control the religious discourses at the mosques, synagogues and in churches. Of course,the media could play very important role in a life together and for a pluralistic and democratic societies. Such coalitions should replace the war coalitions which is taking place around us and most of them we can’t justify them.

At the end, it was a question and answer session.