American Church representatives Visit

20 January 2015

Al-Liqa’ Center hosted a group of American Church representatives accompanied by Dr. Charlie Abu Sa’da from the World Vision. The group’s aim was to become acquainted with the programs and activities of the Center as well as the local church and challenges which face Christians in the Arab East. Dr. Geries S. Khoury met the group focusing in the process of his talk on the history of the Center and the development of its programs and on the situation in the occupied territories and the aggression on Christians and others. Dr. Geries added that extremism of all kinds is rejected and it is unethical and barbaric. Extremists can be found in all heavenly religions who abuse religion for political and economic purposes. We, as Palestinians, refuse the abuse of religion. Thus, the group which claims it is Islamic, like ISIS, the Nusra and the Supporters of Jerusalem, carry barbaric acts which Islam is totally innocent from them. And I personally accuse a number of Arab and Muslim countries and Western countries of financially supporting them. We demand these countries to stop supporting them and as well to stop playing with the destiny of the Arab countries. It is enough what the West had done in partitioning the area since the Sykes-Picot Agreement of May 1916, and we hope that all Western countries will be involved seriously in liberating Palestine from the Israeli occupation.

At the conclusion of the meeting discussions were held and Dr. Geries answered many questions.