Italian Pilgrims from Vicenza Parish Visit


11 March 2014

Dr. Geries S. Khoury met with a group of pilgrims from the Italian Vicenza Parish who wanted to hear about developments in the Holy Land and in the Arab world and their impact on Christian presence and shared living with Muslims. The pilgrims wanted to hear as well about Al-Liqa’ Center and its programs, especially the Christian Muslim dialogue and Palestinian contextual theology. Dr. Khoury addressed all requested topics including the bloodletting taking place in the Arab world. These are not the result of Christian-Muslim fighting but between the regimes and opposition and between tens of radical so called Islamic groups. In this horrible atmosphere, there is a dire need for hope and precautions from all sides especially from Arab regimes and Western countries that support radical Islamic groups with money and arms. 

Dr. Khoury added that all reasonable people are with changes of all dictatorial and non-democratic Arab and non-Arab regimes. At the same time we cannot accept change that will hurt the citizens and their identity and history. We are against foreign interference as well as interference by radical Islamic groups who do not know ethical values. Therefore, the West and specially its churches are asked to work for a just solution of problems taking place in several Arab states. I ask you to work with other parishes in Italy to appeal to your government to work for a peaceful solution of the Palestinian problem in the Holy Land as well as to give Palestinians their right to set up their state on the 4th of June 1967 boundaries that were occupied in the June 1967 war with Arab Jerusalem as its capital.

A comprehensive question and answer session followed Dr. Khoury’s presentation.