Lecturers and Students from the Catholic Theological Union – Chicago Visit

28 January 2014

Lecturers and Students from the Catholic Theological Union – Chicago at Al-Liqa’ Center.

Al-Liqa’ Center was visited by a group of lecturers and students from the Catholic Theological Union – Chicago led by Dr. Scott Alexander. The delegation comprised Jews, Christians and Muslims. The group was hosted by Dr. Geries S. Khoury who presented a detailed march and development of contextual theology in general and Palestinian theology in particular. Al-Liqa’ center always emphasized the need to crystallize local Palestinian theology since 1984-1985 and finally was able to develop a Document in 1987 titled “The Basic Document: Theology and Local Church in the Holy Land”. This document was followed with annual conferences in addition to articles and books by local figures as well church leaders, bishops and patriarchs including the Pastoral letters of H. B. Latin Patriarch Michael Sabbah and three years ago a group of Palestinians from various Churches wrote and published  Kairos Palestine- A Moment of Truth . Dr Khoury spoke about its importance, its aim and  on the national and international responses to it.

A follow up questions to the presentation were answered by Dr. Khoury.

Following this meeting,  Dr. Alexander continued to explore with Dr. Khoury areas of cooperation between Al-Liqa’ Center and the Catholic Theological Union – Chicago.