Group from the Vicenza Diocese in Italy Visit

18 February 2014

A group of pilgrims from the Vicenza Diocese in Italy led by Father Giacomo Viali visited Al-Liqa’ Center in order to get acquainted with the conditions of Christians in the Holy Land and their relations with Muslims and with the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

Dr. Geries spoke to the group and focused on the activities of the Center in the areas of Christian – Muslim relations and contextual Palestinian theology which is a voice of every Christian Palestinian. For this theology is not political or exclusive but open-minded with a prophetic voice which demands a just solution of the Palestinian problem as well as for everyone to live in peace and dignity in the land where Jesus Christ, prince of peace, was born.

A question and an answer followed and there was a great interest in contextual theology as well as in interfaith dialogue.

At the end Dr. Khoury asked the pilgrims to go back home to tell the truth about what they saw and to put pressure on their government to work for a just peace in the Holy Land.