Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land


“What to Do to Save Jerusalem”

A panel to celebrate Jerusalem: The Capital of Arab Culture. In cooperation with the Palestinian (PNA) Ministry of Culture

22 October 2009

The Bethlehem Hotel, Bethlehem 

Engineer ‘Adnan Al-Husseini, Governor of Jerusalem and Researcher Khalil Al-Tufakji, Director of the Map Division in the Orient House, participated in a panel which was moderated by Mr. Mousa Darwish, Deputy Director of Al-Liqa’ Center. Leading religious, public, academic and social personalities attended the event. 

Mr. Al-Husseini focused on the dangers facing Jerusalem due to Israeli aggression against Muslim and Christian holy places and destruction of homes as well as the Judaization policies that Israel practices in Jerusalem.

The Governor of Jerusalem praised the people of the city and their steadfastness in the face of these practices calling in the process Palestinian, Arab and international solidarity stressing that this way Israel will not succeed in Judaizing the city or uprooting Palestinians from within the walls of the old city. In addition, he asked for Arabic and Islamic support in order to build housing projects for young people, to protect Palestinian institutions in the city as well as to establish a fund to support construction of homes in the city and to support investment in it. 

Mr. Al-Tufakji called for the establishment of a fund to purchase homes and to invest in the areas next to Jewish settlements. He stressed the dire need for political directions and a strategic plan to face the expansion of colonial settlement blocs in Jerusalem. 

An in-depth question and answer session followed. The audience reiterated the need for a national plan to protect and to defend Jerusalem and to make available support for the people and institutions of the city in their confrontation of Israeli policies of destruction of Palestinian properties, the uprooting of its children and the closing of its institutions.