Al-Liqa’ Center’s Annual Celebration of Christmas
A panel titled
“What do we tell our people on Christmas?”


16th December 2008
Bethlehem Hotel, Bethlehem

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Al-Liqa’ Center’s annual celebration of Christmas, took place in the Bethlehem Hotel Bethlehem, Tuesday, 16th December 2008. The program included Christmas invocations and reflections by local church leaders, Eastern Orthodox Church’s Christmas chants and carols by the church’s choral  group under the direction of Al-Liqa’ Board member, Mr. Lawrence Sammour, and a panel titled “What do we tell our people on Christmas?” A panel member, Dr. Geries S. Khoury, Director of Al-Liqa’, stressed that the message of Christmas in our Palestinian society is a message of dialogue. Jesus dialogued all: rules, sinners, the poor, the healthy, and enemies. The best example of the dialogue was with the Samaritan woman concerning the well and water clearly shows that dialogue is built on a better understanding of the “other”. For dialogue deepens friendship. We Palestinians whether parties, factions, Christians and Muslims should always opt for dialogue. For dialogue is the only hope for shared living and national unity.

The other panel member, Professor Thiab Ayyoush, Vice-President of Al-Liqa’s Board of Trustees, asserted that what is happening today between Hamas and Fateh in the West Bank and Gaza Strip only deepens friction among Palestinians. Imprisonment of Hamas leaders in the West Bank and Fateh leaders in Gaza does not help to bridge the gap between the two factions amidst Israeli assassinations and imprisonment of Palestinians on a daily bases. Where is the interest of the people lie in light of this intra-Palestinian deep rift. Where did the wisdom in our hearts go? We have failed to realize the nature or the priorities in this conflict.