Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Study day
“Shared Living” Study day between Christian and Muslim clerics in Nazareth

16 December 2010
St. Margaret Hotel, Nazareth

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At the initiative of Al-Liqa’ Center and Sabeel Center, a study day was organized for both Christian and Muslim clerics in Nazareth on 16 December 2010. the opening of the study day was led by Attorney ‘Ali Rafi’ of Al-Liqa’ and Rev. Na’im Atik of Sabeel. Discussions focused on the challenges faced by Muslims and Christian, the rejection of fanaticism and the role of religion in facing this fanaticism. Discussions also revolved around the stand of the West from the Palestinian Problem and its impact on the shared living, and the role of clerics in both Christianity and Islam in deepening this shared living. Rev. ‘Atik hoped that this study day will only be the beginning for future meetings of Christian and Muslim clerics.