Dr. Khoury and Prof. Ayyoush in Sabeel Conference in Jericho

 February 9, 2010

At the invitation of Sabeel Center’s conference at the Intercontinental Hotel, Jericho, Dr. Geries S. Khoury and Prof. Thiab Ayyoush took part in its proceedings as representatives of Al-Liqa’ Center. Both participated in a panel which focused on Christian-Muslim dialogue and the experiences of Al-Liqa’ Center in this regard. Dr. Khoury spoke about challenges facing the dialogue and the shared living and the need for the faithful and Palestinian authority to strengthen national unity and the bases of shared living. Prof. Ayyoush, on his part, stressed dialogue between the children of the one people and reiterated the idea that dialogue is an integral part of our Dogma and Faith. He presented as well the long experiences of Al-Liqa’ Center in this regard since 1983.