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Al-Liqa Center (Galilee Branch), and the friends of H. E. Bishop Boutros Muallem,

A Distinguished Interfaith Encounter in Haifa honored H.E. Bishop Butros Al-Muallem

the Paulist monk, the Bishop of the Brazil, and the Bishop of Galilee Melkite Catholic Church

Mar Elias Hall of the Melkite Catholic Church - Haifa
Monday, 20 April 2015

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Hundreds took part in a Distinguished Interfaith Encounter in Haifa in which H.E. Bishop Butros Al-Muallem was honored

Tens of leading religious leaders and personalities: Christians, Muslims and Druze, as well as academicians, community leaders including Mayors and members of municipalities, cultural and educational leaders attended this distinguished interfaith gathering in which H. E. Bishop Al-Muallem was honored.

The evening was inaugurated by the president of Al-Liqa Center, H. B. Patriarch Michael Sabbah who focused briefly on the work of Al-Liqa and on the accomplishments of Bishop Al-Muallem. He was followed by H. E. George Baquni, Bishop of the Melkite Catholic Church in Galilee, spiritual leader of the Druse community, Sheikh Muwaffaq Tarif, the Imam of Haifa Mosque, Knesset member Mr. Ayman Odeh, the Mayor of Aylaboun, Mr. Geries Mater, all of whom focused on the life and accomplishments of the honored Bishop, and the importance of a life together with mutual respect and the necessity to know each others faith and spiritual traditions, and all of them  asserted the importance of shared living and the dismissal of extremism and terror and called for love and peace.


Dr. Geries S. Khoury, Al-Liqas Director focused on al-Liqa interfaith activities since 1982 and the rich experience which al-Liqa have in this field. He also spoke about the unique relations between Bishop Mullem and al-Liqa programs. He said al-Liqa is honoring Bishop Mullem because he was and still one of those who participating and enriching al-Liqa conferences by his ideas, comments and lectures. Dr. Johnny Mansour focused on Al-Muallems writings and thought. Several friends of the Bishop greeted him warmly and stressed the urgency of such meetings in which religious and social leaders are meeting each other and stressing the importance of our life together in tolerance and peace. Among the friends was H. E. Bishop Elias Chaccour, H. E. Bishop Marcuzzo, Fr. Atallah Makhouli, (Greek Orthodox Parish Priest of Kufur Yasif, Attorney Ali Rafa, and Rev. Fuad Dagher of the Anglican Apostolic Church of Shafa Amr.

The brother of the Bishop, Mr. Yousef Al-Muallem spoke and thanked Al-Liqa on behalf of Al-Muallem family for the successful interfaith meeting, in which also al-Liqa and all participants decided to honor Bishop Mullem. This was followed by hymns by Mar Elias Choir led by chanter Edwar Saed.

This great and distinguished evening was moderated by Attorney Badera Khourieh and Mr. Ziad Shlewit.

At the end of the meeting, H. E. Bishop Butros thanked Al-Liqa Center and all those who greeted and honored him. He added: My message to you is that we must not be silent on this day, I weep on the values and the human that we have lost. Jesus is for all of us and we must carry His Message.

Amidst the standing ovation and clapping of the large gathering, H. E. the Bishop emphasized: All walls fell down from Babel to Berlin all separation walls will fall down we are not in need of separation walls we need bridges of cooperation.

During the evening a power point presentation of the Bishops Overview of his life was prepared by Dr. Usama Al-Muallem.

Al-Liqa Center, in addition, presented H. E. Bishop Butros with a distinguished mother of Pearl shield.

Al-Muallem Family, likewise, presented Al-Liqa Center with a shield of appreciation.


It should be noted that Fr. George Khawwam, the Superior of the Missionary Society of Saint Paul- Harissa / Lebanon, to which Bishop Al-Muallem, is a member, also sent a message of greeting to the Bishop which was read by the moderator Attorney Badira Khourieh.

At the conclusion of the evening, a booklet revolving around H. E. Bishop Al-Muallem life and interfaith and ecumenical activities was distributed and hospitality followed.



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