Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Al-Liqa’s Annual Christmas Celebration

Christmas Evening

18 December 2015
Manger Square Hotel - Bethlehem

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The Program:

The Moderator: Mr. Ziad Shleweit

1.     Christian and Muslim Christmas Meditations: Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, Sheikh Maher ‘Assaf
2.     Christmas Carols by Mr. Lawrence Sammour
3.     Christmas Carols by Ms. Lina Sleibi
4.     Christmas Carols by Dr. Charlie Abu Sa’da
5.     Spiritual Readings
6.     Christmas Carols by Mrs. Luna Amin
7.     Dinner

More than two hundred and fifty persons of Palestinian Christians and Muslims celebrated this Christmas evening expressing in the process their national unity and shared living and the respect of each other.

The moderator of this evening was Mr. Ziad Shleweit who introduced this annual Christmas gathering with an impressive speech pointing out that strikes and oppression were as well at the time of the Birth of Jesus hoping that the inhabitants our land, the land of the Prince of peace Jesus Christ, will live in peace and dignity .

He was followed with Christmas meditations by Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb and Sheikh Maher ‘Assaf, both of whom reiterated the importance of preserving our national unity and shared living. Each of the speakers underlined the symbolism of our celebrations of Christ’s Birth. Rev. Dr. Mitri emphasized the role of the Holy Family in protecting and educating Jesus. Today we need families who can preserve, protect, educate and love their children. Sheikh Maher ‘Assaf pointed out that in Judgment Day we all will stand in front of God. He will not ask us about our religious affiliation. He will judge our acts. Therefore, we need to know, to love and respect our believes differences.

Both were followed with Christmas Carols and chanting by Mr. Lawrence Sammour, who was accompanied by Dr. Peter Qumri. Mr. Sammour was followed by a Bethlehemite chanter Lina Sleibi who was accompanied by org player ‘Issa Jaraiseh. She was followed by Christmas Chants and Carols by Dr. Charlie Abu Sa’da. Luna Amin followed with more Christmas Carols. She was accompanied with org player Lama’an Zreineh. Children also played a key role in the evening. The attendees listened with joy to baby Geries Bishara Khoury who sang “Baba Noel” and “Lailat ‘Eid”.

A Christmas dinner was followed to which all were invited.