Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

A lecture by Mr. Qais ‘Abd Al-Karim (Abu Laila) titled:

 “The Present Palestinian Situation: Where is it heading to?”

Wednesday 14 October 2015
At Al-Liqa’ Lecture Hall - Bethlehem

Community leaders, academicians and other personalities from the Bethlehem Governorate attended this lecture by Mr. Qais ‘Abd Al-Karim, Executive Committee member of the PLO, who focused on the present political situation in Palestine and the uprising of the young in Arab Jerusalem and the occupied territories and in the 1948 areas. Daily aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque and attempts to divide it like what happened in the Abrahamic Mosque in Hebron was a major factor contributing to the uprising of the Palestinian youth.

Mr. ‘Abd Al-Karim reiterated the dire need for national unity in order for the popular uprising to continue. He added that Palestinians must avoid the pitfalls of the second Al-Aqsa intifada (uprising) and the militarization of the present uprising including the often repeated general strikes which damage the national interest.


Concerning The Oslo Accords he said that they have reached  already a dead end and the Palestinian position should be finalized shortly as stipulated by President Abu Mazen’s talk in the U.N. General Assembly who said that the Palestinian Authority will not continue with the Accords as long as Israel is ignoring the Accords.

Following the lecture, attendees made comments and asked questions in a very democratic way.

All present expressed their anger at the unethical way the Israelis treat Palestinian youth including assassinations, destruction of their homes, revoking their identity cards, preventing them from work and schooling.

All attendees agreed that the present Israeli rightist cabinet… cabinet of colonial settlers does not want peace or to live peacefully with Palestinians.

Attendees condemned the silent of the world community about all the Israeli acts against young Palestinians, their parents and the Israeli collective punishment against all Palestinians.