Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Al-Liqa’s Wednesday Evening Forum

“Oral History and World War I in Palestine”

Al-Liqa Center Hall - Bethlehem
Wednesday 13 May 2015

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Al-Liqa’s Wednesday Evening Forum took place on Wednesday 13 May 2015 and was attended as usual by community leaders, academicians and friends of Al-Liqa’. The main speaker Dr. Adnan A. Musallam of Bethlehem University and Al-Liqa’ Center presented a power-point lecture titled “Oral History and World War I in Palestine.”


His lecture revolved around Dr. Musallam’s students of history’s oral interviews in the spring of 1993 with the elderlies who lived through World War I or who learned about the war from their parents.

Students’ interviews focused on several issues which faced the Palestinianelderlies: hunger, diseases and forced military conscription, 1914-1918.

The lecture was followed with a question and an answer session and other commentaries by attendees.