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Dr. Geries S. Khoury delivered a lecture titled “The Values of Justice and Peace in Christianity”

At the University of Haifa’s conference titled:

“Inter-religious Dialogue, Peace Building and Non-Violence”

24 December 2014
University of Haifa

Dr. Geries S. Khoury participated at the University of Haifa’s conference titled “Inter-religious Dialogue, Peace Building and Non-Violence.” which was organized by Dr. Ithamar Theodor of Asian Studies at the University.

The conference was attended by university professors as well as the General Secretary of “The World Council of Religious Leaders”, Mr. Bawa Jain who came from India in order to deliver a lecture at the conference.

Dr. Geries S. Khoury delivered a lecture titled “The Values of Justice and Peace in Christianity”, in which he focused on the values of justice and peace in the Holy Bible and especially on the New Testament and the teachings of the church and documents issued by the Popes and the writings of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedicts XVI and the present Pope Francis I. Dr. Khoury questioned in his lecture the quality of faith which is espoused by followers of all religions. Are we as faithful, he added, practice justice and love, and forgiveness to the “Other”. Do we really live these values and teachings? Are we true believers or our belief had been inherited from fathers and grandparents? We tend to forget the context in which each of us live. We need to be frank with ourselves. At the conclusion of his lecture, Dr. Khoury reiterated that justice and peace will not be realized unless each of us live his real faith in every seconds of his life and in his treatment of others.