M.A. Thesis of Rania Atallah at the University of Bir Zeit


“The Relation between the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek Clergy and the Greek Orthodox Parishioners”

5 June 2014

Bir Zeit, West Bank, PNA


A discussion of the thesis was held at the university campus of Bir Ziet. The defender of the thesis was Ms Rania Sameer Mitri Atallah who worked under the supervision of Dr. Zuheir Al-Sabbagh. Dr. Geries S. Khoury was a member of the examiners while Dr. Saleem Tamari was the other examiner.

Present at the examination and discussion were H.E. Bishop Atallah Hanna and Fathers Millatius Basal and Emanuel ‘Awwad.

Also present in the examination and discussion were the family of Rania and personalities from the Greek Orthodox Church as well as Dr. Adnan Musallam of Bethlehem University.

Following the oral examination and discussions, the M.A. thesis of Rania Atallah was accepted on the condition that she takes the notes of the examining committee into consideration. A copy of the notes were presented to Dr. Sabbagh.