Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Wednesday Evening Forum

Fathi Fourani’s Arab Muslim and Christian Under One Tent

Presentation of Fourani’s Book

 Thursday 7 November 2013
Haifa at Saint John the Baptist Church’s Hall

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Educators, authors, poets, artists, religions figures and many others from all sectors of Haifa’s society attended this gathering to honor teacher Fathi Fourani on his new book.

Fourani saw in this great gathering full support for progressive thought that goes beyond sectarianism and modern Jahili fanaticism which targets our steadfastness on this land. We will remain a thorn in the mouth of those who want us to return to the days of Qays and Yemen. We are one people. At the end of Fathi Fourani’s presentation, Mr. Hanna Yousef Khoury, President of the Orthodox Society presented Mr. Fourani with a shield of Appreciation and, likewise, university student Hanan Badi’ Younis presented Mr. Fourani with  a shield of Appreciation as well.