Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Wednesday Evening Forum

"The Results of Israeli Elections and the Aftermath"

By: Professor 'Aziz Haidar

Saturday, 26 January 2013
Al-liqa Center Hall – Bethlehem

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A good number of academicians, religious leaders and persons who represent various sectors of the Palestinian society attended Professor 'Aziz Haidar's lecture. At the end of his detailed lecture, the lecturer answered questions and comments of the audience.

Professor Haidar pointed out in his lecture the highest percentage of voters was realized in settlements and in Jewish religious circles and lowest percentage was seen in cities and development towns which are inhabited by oriental Jews, and the Tel- Aviv area which has the highest secular oriented persons and is strong economically and socially. 60% of votes went to the Ashkenazi parties and this meant the reassertion of their authority in the state. The party which represents this Ashkenazi trend is Yesh Atid party "There is a Future" headed by Yair Lapid.

Prof. ‘Aziz spoke also about the Arab parties in Israel and that around 50% of them voted and he explained the reasons of this lower percentage.