Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Wednesday Panel

“We and what is happening Around Us”
Main Speaker: Mr. Fayez Saca, Representative in the Palestinian Legislative Council

21 February 2012
Al-Liqa’ Center Hall - Bethlehem

Al-Liqa’ Center invited a number of friends, academicians and politicians to listen to a lecture by Mr. Fayez Saca titled “We and what is happening around us”. The lecture was moderated by Prof. Thiab ‘Ayyoush, member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council.

Mr. Fayez Saca presented an objective view of present situation in Palestine focusing in the process on attempts to reconcile (Fateh) and (Hamas) and to end divisions which have hurt our people and national cause hoping that reconciliation and Palestinian cabinet of technocrats chaired by President Mahmoud ‘Abbas (Abu Mazen) will be realized as soon as possible. Mr. Saca, in addition, focused on difficulties facing Palestinian Israeli negotiations because of the Israeli refusal to reach a peaceful solution with Palestinians. He also put forth upheavals in the Arab world and its impact on the Palestinian problem, and in the process touched on Iranian policies and negative influence on the Palestinian problem, to the Arab world and on life together Christians and Muslims.

A lively but frank question and answer session which focused on the Palestinian situation concluded the lecture.