Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

A Panel on Fr. Rafiq Khoury’s Book,
“Open Borders between Time and Eternity:
Toward Contextual Theology in Our Native Soil”, 547 pages.

Mar Antone Hall, the Latin Parish hall  - Nazareth
28 September 2012


Al-Liqa’ Center and in cooperation with H.E. Bishop Bulos Marcuzzo and the Franciscan parish priest Father Amjad Sabbara, a panel was held in Mar Antone Hall, the Latin Parish hall in Nazareth to put forth the new publication of Al-Liqa’ by Fr. Rafiq Khoury titled:

Open Borders between Time and Eternity: Tooward Contextual Theology in our Soil

H.E. Bishop Marcuzzo gave the major address focusing on Fr. Rafiq, his personality, style, his faith and his commitment to his nation and to his church as well as the content of the new book.

Fr. Rafiq spoke briefly thanking H.E. Bishop Marcuzzo and all those present, and he thanked Fr. Amjad Sabbara and the many lay and young people who came to such important evening.

Dr. Geries S. Khoury was the moderator of the book in Nazareth. At the end of meeting, comments were made by many who participated in the meeting.