Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

Islam in Austria: Facts, Problems and Perspectives
in the European Context

Lecture given at the Al-Liqa Centre,
Dr. Prof. Ingeborg Gabriel, University of Vienna
Bethlehem, April 14th 2011.

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Al-Liqa guest Dr. Prof. Gabriel Ingeborg from Vienna University delivered a lecture on:

"Islam in Austria: Facts, Problems and Perspectives in the European Context"

  On 14 April 2011 at Bethlehem hotel and was attended by a large number of local scholars and people interested in the subject.

At the beginning of her speech Prof. Gabriel thanked Al-Liqa Center and said: I am deeply impressed by the work which has been done here for so many decades to improve human and interreligious relationships in this region of the world, which is so dear to us all who believe in God and which at the same time is such a troubled and torn place.

Prof. Gabriel spoke in her lecture about three points:

An introduction on her understanding of interreligious dialogue and the importance it has in today’s world; then she spoke about the legal and social situation of the Muslim community in Austria and a final point on the question of the future of the Christian and Islamic encounters.

The lecture was followed by questions and answers session. (Read the lecture draft text)