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Hanadi I. Soudah-Younan

Curriculum Vitae

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Ph.D Candidate in Comparative Literature;

State University of New York (SUNY) At Story Brook, NY.

1986- 1988

Master of Arts in English,

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

1982- 1986

Bachelor of arts in English, Language and Literature.

An equivalent to two – year diploma in Elementary Education and Translation

Bethlehem University, West Bank.



Earned a full tuition scholarship from State University of New York to complete a PhD in comparative Literature.


Earned a full scholarship from Brigham Young University to complete a Masters of Arts in English

1982- 1986

Earned a full tuition scholarship from Bethlehem University to complete a BA in English. Nominated for the Deans List all four Years at Bethlehem University from which I graduated top of 1986 classes.


2004 – Present

Full Time Lecturer of English Literature at Bethlehem University, Bethlehem.  Main teaching position is for the English Literature courses offered for undergraduate juniors and seniors.  Teaching of English academic writing for the freshmen and sophomore students preparing for a degree in English and other majors.

2002 – 2004

Director of VTC & Program Director, YWCA- Jerusalem.  My responsibilities included running the vocational training program for women who are preparing to enter the job markets with skills in business secretarial duties, assistantship to public health workers, industrial food production and home business food production as well as other short term skills and language training programs.  This included communication and follow-up with the appropriate authorities in the Palestinian Authority.  As program director, my responsibilities included planning, starting and overseeing children and youth programs that would follow the spirit and the guidelines of the institution such as summer camps, art, dance, extracurricular, and advancement of professional skills programs.  Also, I prepared proposals for funding purposes of such programs, supervised and reported to donors when proposals were accepted.


Vice director of the School Development Project at Bethlehem University. My responsibilities included researching and devising the program for teacher development at 14 participating schools. I worked with a team of University professors in the fields of languages, social sciences, math and science in order to develop the training program and implement it in the schools.  I also oversaw the training of in-school facilitators who worked closely with development team in the implementation of the professional development program in their prospective schools.

Head of the School Development Project office at Bethlehem University. My responsibilities included the day-to-day contact with the participating schools, scheduling and planning for the development sessions of the teachers, head teachers and facilitators of all schools. Working with the internal accountant on the management of the funds and their appropriate allocation and expenditure.


Full time Teaching and Learning Coordinator and Facilitator in a School Development Project sponsored by the Italian Government and implemented by Bethlehem University. This component is part of a four areas school development program. My main responsibilities included devising a program of experiential teacher training for individual self – development of teachers in seventeen private schools in Jerusalem and the PA. I was responsible for the implementation of this component in three schools.

1997- 1999

Lecturer at Bethlehem University, Bethlehem. I taught English writing and reading to first year students and literature to English major students. I also taught oral communication and Business Communication courses.


ESL instructor at Nassau Community College, NY. As and adjunct instructor, I have taught all levels of ESL writing to students of various ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.

Writing consultant at the Writing Center at NCC. As a consultant, I have helped adult students in their learning processes of language and literature as well as self-development as professionals in the USA at all levels.

1991- 1993

Adjunct instructor of Arabic at Molloy College, NY. I taught beginning and intermediate Modern Standard Arabic at the department of Continuing Education.

Member of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic.


Lecturer of English Literature at Bethlehem University. Taught introduction to British and American Poetry, English Romantic Poetry and Prose, Introduction to 19th Century English drama to university sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Member in a committee of four whose main responsibility was to review the English Program for the BA.


Teacher of Arabic to foreigners. As a full time teacher at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem, I taught Modem Standard Arabic I, II, III to foreign students from Europe and the USA

1989 Jan./ June

Teacher of Modern Standard and Conversational Arabic at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, Brigham Young University, Jerusalem

1987- 1988

Teacher Assistant at Brigham Young University. Taught Modern Standard and Conversational Arabic.

1979- 1986

Assistant Librarian; Pontifical Mission Library, Old City Jerusalem. I was in charge of the English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Italian Card Catalogue, typing and filing. In addition to attending circulation desk.



Presented a paper on “Challenges to the Identity of the Arab Palestinian Christian Youth:  A Second Skin Identity Fit.”  The Al-liqa’ Center for Inter-Religious Studies, Bethlehem

Sept. 13-14, 2005

Presented a Paper on the "Shaping of the Palestinian Identity in the Poetry of Mahmoud Darwish" at the joint conference on "Modernism and Post-Modernism: North-South Interaction, Reinterpretation, Future Prospects" between Bethlehem University and The Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Koln.

2005 – 2008

National President of the YWCA of Palestine, Young Women Christian Association

2002 - 2005

Created and participated in an inter-Religious women's dialogue group in Jerusalem.  Members were professional women, Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews who consider religion part of their identity.

2000 – Present

A member of the executive committee on the board of The Inter- Religious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI).

1999 – Present

Active member on the Advisory Board of Helen Keller School for the Blind in Jerusalem.

1998 – Present

Active member on the Board of Al-Liqa' Center for Inter-Religious Studies.

1990 Summer

Coordinator and director of two conferences in Jerusalem; Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, Aliqa’ institute; Old City, Jerusalem.


Active member in a dialogue group that worked for the enhancement of social tolerance in the area.

1986- 1988

Helped start and direct an Arabic Club at Brigham Young University. Started different activities and programs to introduce the Arabic Culture and Traditions to the American public at the University.


English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian and some Hebrew.


Provided upon request.