AL- Liqa’ Center
Board of Trustees Member

Dr. Peter Qumri
M.D. Surgery

Curriculum Vitae In Arabic

Name: Peter Lutfi Qumri
Title: Dr. Peter Lutfi Qumri
Place of Birth: Jerusalem
Date of Birth:


Marital Status: Married
Name of Wife: Mary Andrea Hallaq

P.O. Box 293 Bethlehem-PNA


 00970-2-274 32 05

Fax:  00970-2-2743492
Cellular:  009705921035

Accademic Qualifications:

  • M.B,Ch.B. Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery-Cairo   University Hospitals.
  • Ma. Ch. Master degree in Surgery- CairoUniversity Hospitals.
  • Diploma in Hospital Management-Alexandria University.
  • Diploma in Journalism-Cairo
Present Occupation:
  Private Clinic-Bethlehem & Hebron.
Honorary Representation:

Representative of Republic of Guyana for PNA ( Honorary Counsel).

Palestinian Political Activities:

  • Observer Member in the Palestinian National and Central Council.
  • Chairman of the National Center for Studies and Media.

Previous Social Activities:

  • Founder, Board Member and Ad-ministrative -Member of several Charitable Societies.
  • Member of the Central Committee of the Palestinian General Union of the Charitable Societies.
  • Member and Treasurer of the Administrative Committee of the General Union of the Charitable Societies-Jerusalem.
  • Member of the General Union of the Palestinian writers and Journalists (1974).
  • Chairman and General Secretary of the Medical Branch Committee of Jordan Medical Association.
  • Founder and Board Member of Patient’s Friends Society-Bethlehem (1979-2005).
  • Chairman of the Administrative Committee of House of Light for Blind Girls (1984-2005)
  • Board Member of the International Christian Committee for the relief of the Palestinian Refugee –ICC (1984-1996).
  • Board Member of the National Hospital Gaza & Nablus.

Presents Social Activities:

  • Board Member of Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation since 1977.
  • Founder Member and Board Member of Al-Liqa Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land.
Previous Occupation:
  • Head of the Surgery Department and Director of Beit Jala Hospital till June 2005.
  • Lecturer of Sugery in Bin-Sina Government Nursing College (1978-1996).
  • The Holy Cross of the Holy Sepulchre-Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem of Commandor Order.
  • Member of Knights of Saint Lazaros of Commandor Order.
  • Plate of Meritorious-Palestinian Ministry of Health.